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Pile Alle' 43
C. Herforth MDD
Industrial Designer

Sep.. 2005


Business Management and Ownership
I have been in Design and development business more than 25 Years.
All management aspects as owner, leader, administrator and responsible for the customer relations have been carried out in my own Industrial Design firm since 1982.
Before this I had the same functions in my Architect Office for 6 years with up to 9 employed.
(Main working field low energy and ecological housing).
5 years as member of the board in Allingham&Hansen A/S.

Project Management and production
In my own firm, as consultant for others and as employee, I have had the overall project management of development and product projects.
For other designfirms:
I have been responsible for product series, single products and parts of products - often in co-working groups of specialists,
Building of communities for multiple families, low-energy-schools, family houses and system houses for the German market.
Supervisor for the guiding committee in the Ministry of Housing on experimental earth-buildings.

Consultant Activity
Among the customers have been:
- Design constancy for "Eleven Danes Design" (5 years) and M.Trägaardh Design
- PC and CAD/CAM consultant for Arkitekttegnestuen S.Bornak and Tupo plastic industry, Shenzen, China.
- Industrial development consultant for Sri Lanka'n Foundations.
- Windmill consultant in Altamont, California for investment groups.
- Environmental design consultant for Miljøstyrelsen in Denmark and writing official report "Miljøprojekt nr. 171" Design of garbage bin's.
- Consultant as specialist in earthbuilding for Minestery of Housing. (Resulting in a book " Earth as building material")
- Consultant in Energy Policy for the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. Writing public information material on supply, technology and planning.

Co-operation and flexibility
As a part of many kinds of teams and project groups, I enjoy co-operation, teamwork and learning new skills.
I am said to be good in getting things and teams to work in an open, social and dynamic spirit. And to get the work properly done in time

I like to learn and listen - and enjoy to have any function in working groups, when I like the people I work with.

Customer relations.
I have been taking care of the relations, the service, the follow-up, timeplanning and contracts.

I am used to work on an international basis. Working from Denmark, using the internet - or travelling and staying for periods on location in both industrial and developing countries.
Uganda's "VisitUganda" website is under discussion for development.
As one of the selected industrial designers, I participate in the campaign, that the Foreign Ministry runs in Japan and Taiwan.
As the first non-american designer, I developed a series of loudspeakers for Harman Kardon / JBL in California.
I have developed products and been PC consultant for a plastic industry in Shenzen, China. Today I represent this factory, selling moulds to other plastic industries.
In Sri Lanka, I have developed industrial ideas for local foundations.
In Thailand a private house was designed.
In California, I have worked with and checked windmill parks.
In Nepal I lived 1 year in a remote village. Languages Speaks, works and write English. Speaks usable German.

Product development and Design
As independent Industrial Designer I have more than 30 products on the market - and developed many more.
Electric Car, NaturalGas equipment and system buildings, loud-speakers, digital equipment, office equipment and -furniture's, "no-cost" stove for UN, newspaper stands, medical and surgery benches, bus-stop shelters, playground structures, handicap equipment, containers, graphical products and logo's, machines, several products in plastics...

As Architect experimental 0-energy buildings, use and development of alternative energy units and earth-houses have been carried out.
First allowances in Denmark for a windgenerator adapted to the public electricity net, and the first use of biological disintegrating toilet ("multrum").

Technical limits, new technology and materials have been tested.

Production technology and Materials

My Industrial Design customers represent industry in many sectors.
Constant updating knowledge on production technique and materials is a basic demand. I have worked a lot in plastics, in almost all molding techniques.
Besides, I represent a Chinese factory in selling and offering support on moulds for plastic industry.

Web Design and Solutions
Since 1998 Web Design have been the dominant activity.
My office have developed website's for organisations and firms.
From simple solutions to advanced data-based website's with intra- and extranet.
- Interactive public service website's,
- Serverbased web based systems with
  intra- & internet for organizations
- Websites for industrial company's
Find links to finished website's at
We do also work in a network with other specialists in Denmark and US.

The Web media and the tools are different from industrial products,
But there are very many conditions, methods of development, management and customer relations, that are similar to design and development of physical products.
Experiences in design-processes and co-operation with firms and industries combined with an education as Webmaster in web-tools is a strong position.
Both for creating web-site's and as web-project manager.
Having "both languages" my function could also be to bring the "wild, young webtechnic-masters" together with their customers.

Computer and IT
I have used PC as tool since 386's and DOS was the most advanced.
Today it is Win2000 workstations and regularly upgraded hard- and software. Learning new versions and programs are routine.

Most dominant programs and tools for IT and Web are in constant use.

Drawing tools. Projection in 2 & 3D and solid molding.
- AutoCad all versions from 6 to 14 and newest 2000.
- Some use of 3D Studio Max.

Communication and administration.
- Different operational Systems and their maintenance- and control programs.
- Office programs, mostly Word and Excel.
- Communication with e-mail, ICQ, videoconferencing and ScreenCam.
(Whole projects like one in China have been made with net-communication).

Media production
Manuscript for the movie "Naturlig Energi" (natural energy).
Writer, graphic planner and illustrator on:
- "Nogle oplysninger om den jord, vi sammen lever på" - a book on our situation on the Earth and our environment. The basic book that financed the beginning of the environmental movement in denmark NOAH. 9 reprints.
- "Sol - Vind, en håndbog", a handbook on solar and wind energy. 5 reprints.
- More handbooks on ecology and energy.
- Columnist on Information - a Danish newspaper.
- Articles in books and magazines and for WTO.

I have been a teacher, a censor and giving lectures on architect-, design- and building technology academy's and schools.
4 Years at the Royal Academy of Art in building and ecology.
Special initiator and teacher in design and ecology at The Design School of Denmark at courses in 3 years.
Graduation censor at schools around in Denmark and Sweden.

Architect and Industrial Designer from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.
Webmaster from Hadar in Sweden.
PC seminars on AutoCad and 3D Studio Max.

In the very first environmental movement in Denmark. Have been co-organizer in Danish NOAH, OVE and OOA and worked voluntarily in more than 15 years.
I am political organized, member of local boards and part in a boat collective.
I organized and carried a 1 year project in Nepal out followed up with an exhibition on daily life in The National Museum and a book.

Environmental, ecological and energy questions and politics have been a guiding line in all my life.

Open Air and Travel
Travelling, learning, hiking and trekking are main interests. (see more)
Last areas
outside Europe have been:
- Southern Egypt diving
- Tanzania by tent in parks
- Seychelles 3 weeks
- Laos & Thailand for 5 weeks
6 weeks in South Africa
- Central America in 8 weeks
- 5 months in Nepal, India and Thailand.

Sailing have been a passion since childhood. Boats from dinghies to 45" Yawl.
Almost the same 14 friends have had boats together in 21 years.
Many summers in the rocky archipelago of Sweden and Norway.
Sailing in the Indian Ocean around Thailand and Burma.
In the race Zealand around 11 times, mostly as skipper, but do like all other functions in the team as well.

Scuba diving latest in Thailand, Honduras and South Africa, Zanzibar, Egypt,

Downhill skiing in the latest 10 years.