My solution was:
No houses, but a planned township of 6 x 8 meter foundations with a raw concrete floor.
Each platform had a drainpipe and a watertab fixed in the floor.
All platforms was connected with a water and sewerage network.
Within the same budget there was 315 platforms, where new squatters could be builded - and gradually be developed to "real" houses when possible.

315 squatter families instead of 40 "rich".
I thought that this fulfilled the intensions, but I had a long fight to get the plan approved.

Finally, when the contruction was planned to start, my first visit to Afghanistan should take place.
That was in 1978.
But before departure, president Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan was murdered and the sovjet invasion came .

I never got to Afghanistan, and I do not know the fate of my low income "housing".