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basic needs
Mould for earth stove
Climbing frame on playground
Kalaha game for x-players
Electric car (82-83)
Bicycle trailer (81)
Bus shelter system (80)
Medical care
Couch for medical examination
Hydraulic crutches
Desalination plant/ larger ships
Elektro-magnetical flowmeter
Whipped cream dispenser
Box for natural gas meter
Cast iron tubejunction
High voltage multi plugin
Carl Herforth
Design of Industrial products

Effective and genuine solutions
Safe stand for fireworks
Street and newspaper stands
Natural gas pressure stations
Interior and office
JBL loudspeaker series
Manuscript holder in plastic
Plastbox with integrated hinge
Logo Bilharzia Laboratory
Logo EM Fiberglass
Calendar manager (in paper)
DesignProduction    Pile Alle' 43    DK-2000 Frederiksberg    Phone (+45) 33 22 43 33