Speakers for JBL / Harmann Kardon
As the first non-american designer for JBL / Harmann Kardon, I was asked to develop an "european style" series of high-end speakers.
Challenges identified was that rectangular boxes produce disturbing, internal resonances and twisted volumes in the corners of a room is ugly and dominant. Use of floor woofer brings cables and bass sound in floor level.
The solution was an 8-sided column, 2 facets cut to one front for midrange- and hightone speakers, 2 internal woofer with high outlet and heayvy electronics in bottom to stabilize the column.
Switch for balanced location, in corner, at wall and free.
3 seizes deliver 150, 200 and 250 W.
Finish in black, white or 3 types of wood.
JBL bought a major danish speaker factory, and sale was so high in Italy, Spain, Germany and France, that bought all production capasity. Good reviews in Stern etc..
From the german brochure
A unique construction maximize an unseen range of features
A solid shape spreads the woofer sound in max. high
Specifications on 3 seizes

Carefully handmade in a specially bought factory in Ringkjoebing, Denmark