A high class dispenser for wipped cream developed and designed for InterGastro in Denmark.

WhipMaster is a small refrigerator that keeps 4x1 liter cream or a 5 liter steel container safely fresh.
With an air-screw the amount of air are ajusted.
Cream are sucked up only when new whipped cream are demanded with a light pressure on the front nose.
Complete cleaning is simple - run heated water instead of cream pressing the front nose.
Simple to install - just a plug in a socket.
The seize are H: 450 mm, W: 270 mm, D: 440 mm
Weight 28,5 kg.

Simple, exclusive "magic" in a compact unit
High hygienic, minimum maintenance and long lasting
The suction pipe drain each container - no waste.
5 liter steel container for massproduction
A light pressure instantly deliver fresh, whipped cream
Other colours possible.
The air screw assures correct consistency