Gas-meter Box for housing
The Problem was free standing boxes in the garden, because the box have to be ventilatet and first boxes was not tight, and if fittet in a wall, they did not match the modules of bricks. Furthermore could the inside equipment vary in seize. Because I could deliver a better box - at same, low price, I got the order - a big one.

The Solution was to analyse measures of different equipment, learn from actual assembly problems and find a minimum seize, that fitted in wall module, and clarify the mounting on the package.
EM Fiberglas was shown a projekts for a tight, front ventilated box in 3 parts in pressed fiberglas and a price to be accepted - several 100.000 are now delivered.
All gasmeters and piping are checked with brick module and with the mounting space.
Mounted in wall
in choosen colour
Front with reinforced edge and back are glued airtight together
In production

The package are designed with full mounting advice

Screwholes are in the bricks
not the joints