Desalination plants for ALFA-LAVAL (1990)
The problem:
In most large ships, specially passenger ships, there is a large consumption of fresh water. At the same time huge engines have pretty hot cooling water let into the sea.

The solution:
Utilizing wasted heat and partial vacuum from the engines, seawater can be boiled in multiple steps at still lower temperatures if combined with vacuum in inverse ratio. Rather cold water leave the wessel, and freshwater is produced in large scale.
The design is a building set with logical structure and parts, that make it possible to get the parts into existing ships.
The saline water are agressive, so sophisticated alloys and other materials are used.
Vacuum cooking for dringking water production do have further perspectives - units are now usen i powerplants and the Arabian Gulf.
ALFA-LAVAL sales are in upper 2-digit mill.$
A 4 unit plant is 723cm long and 266 cm high
The advanced alloys do not need coating to prevent corrosion