Star-Stick is a Hydraulic Crutch with continuously variable heigh - controlled with the index finger without loosen the grip.

It looks normal, but it certainly have hidden features. The user achieves more freedom of movement and more independence of help.

Forcing a staircase with a normal crutch: up in the armpit, twisted arms and using a lot of power, you do not have.
With Star-Stick heigh are reduced going up, extended going down - and helped by the hydraulic system in both movements.

Chairs - especially those without armrests - go to the chair, turn around, press the releasers and with a slow, smooth and sliding movement You are seated.
Rising from a chair - start with both crutches in minimum height, moving from side to side, let the crutches "grow" alternately, and You are supported all the way up.

Persons without any strength in the arms still need help from others - but the majority that almost are able to manage themselves use Star-Stick and achieve bigger self-assurance - as a base for bigger independence and a better life.

This product is socially very positive, but only few thousands was sold, mainly the private inventer had too little money for professional marketing, development of the delicate technology and no funds for a rational production line.
With a professional investment group this product do have a huge and steady market.
Supports You up and dowm from chairs, on staircases etc.
3 Seizes / heights of a carefully produced tool
for a better life