Bus Shelter System
A unique, simple system was developed during more than 1500 hours of enthusiastic work - and Dansk Gadeinventar swindled me for all contracted payment or royalty.
The system have been a succes - still lasting after 25 years and covers Fyn in Denmark, whole southern Sweden and more.
It is extremely flexible, with minimum af parts and bolts.
There are no beadings - sidepanels and bars are slided down directly in the posts through rubbersheet covered slids in the roof - vandalism and maintenance are minimized.
A shelter can be disassembled and reassembled in another location, form and function.

Full adaptable - small, big, open, closed, 1 or x oriented
9 panel seizes, one heigh, with or without bars
All edges are rounded. The structure hovered for easy cleaning
A simple V-tube carry the seat and bolts are hided
Small and one-sided
2-sided for all wind directions
Copenhagen traffic center

Could have been in one structure !