"Donkey" - a Bicycle trailer (1981)
As part of early pelikan copenhagen, this product was developed for Winther A/S - and have been on the market for now 24 years - and still selling..

The problem:
The bicycle are the environmental - and mental - friendly transportaion for millions. Trailers have been used, but they blocked the carier. On shopping, the carrier was left outside - they could not pass the check-out desk.

The solution:
The hook are now attached to the bicycle frame.
The injection moulded PE hull are based on on heavy tubes and real 14" wheels.
A little fronwheel let the trolley stand up.
Donkey weights 10 + 1 kg and loads 30 - 50 kg.
61 cm wide outside, hull volume 65 liter.
Raincover, hull and frame are delivered in many colours.

The versatile shopping cart are hocken on the bicycle - the kid on the back
Swing grating
The raincover can be partly open.
A heavy rubber strap keeps the grating or a box of beer in place
Donkey is indeed versatile
The hook can be permanent on the bicycle - and extra units are possible
The handle are heigh-ajustable