Street and newspaper stands
A series of equipment for Berlingske newspapergroup was developed with Jan Trädgaardh in 11-Danes Design.

I coordinated the designs, managed the production and delivered directly to the customer. A solid success also for the economy of 11-Danes Design.

Stable outside, take small place inside as upside- down
Stripmagnet on front = easy exchange of handbill
The design compared with the competitor
Similar design as wall frame
Before in shop, a lousy presentation
Solved with new shelves in old systems - 89-105 cm wide-flexible
News stand -
2 seizes, interlocking side by side or back to back

Special model for 6 different newspapers

Collapsed when empty - simple unfolding

Wheels ehen tipped for transport

Column of 4 interlocked stands

Conspicuous and clear identity in the chaos of reality